Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Uber rare BMW M3 R for sale in Australia

As its Christmas I'll just make this a quickie. When I was researching my car of the week this week something pretty unique popped up on, a 1995 M3 R, one of only 15 in Australia, it is a car that I just had to share.

The advert gives you pretty much all the history and information you could possibly need so I won't bore you repeating it, all I will say is, this is one seriously awesome BMW and although priced a tad higher than my usual COTW at $65,000, this M3 could be one heck of a future investment. Have a read of the advert, look at the pictures and if you do happen to buy it and be reading this, can I have go please?

1995 BMW M3 E36 R, $65,000

Merry Christmas! 

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