Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Crap cars that one day we'll all want: Vol 2

I'm back with another list of cars that I reckon one day we might all be lusting after, but for the moment at least are just the automotive equivalent of a sea sponge. Now some may cry that the cars I'm about to list are not crap per say, maybe just more boring than anything else, however it can't be denied that they are deep into their respective depreciation curves and for most people out there cars that are so cheap are just not worth a second look.

Toyota Rav 4

I'm going to begin with something controversial, the original Toyota Rav 4, arguably the first mass market and commercially successful SUV. But can an old SUV ever be desirable? A body style mostly hated by enthusiasts for killing off the conventional hatch/sedan/wagon it seems hard to comprehend right now, but I think the original Rav won itself a lot of admirers, it drove like a car not a 4x4 and allowed a generation of 90's kids to venture off road. And one day some of them might want one for old times sake. Not to mention that from a design stand point the Rav looked pretty good, especially in short wheel base 3 door form with a dash of 2 tone paint. Undeniably Toyota's SUV was a trend setter and right now with them costing as little as $1500 it might be good time to pick one up.
Toyota Rav 4

Volkswagen Transporter T4

Car number two isn't technically a car at all, it's VW's 1990's Transporter van. Can history repeat for VW's watercooled offering? Could prices skyrocket like they have for the aircooled Kombi? Honestly probably not to the same degree, a Transporter will never be a $100k vehicle but they do have a intrinsically cool vibe to them, with active families and surfers still drawn to them much like they were to the Kombi in the 60's and 70's. Right now they may just be another abused and neglected van but one day the Transporter will be desired by the very people who mistreat them nowadays! Right now $5000 will get you a good one, I don't see the prices falling much more so it might be worth investing.
Volkswagen Transporter T4

Holden Barina XC

The Holden Barina, currently sold as a rebadged Korean Chevy isn't a very good car at all. However back in 2001 when Holden had more money the European built and imported Holden Barina (Opel Corsa) scooped a Wheels Car Of The Year Award, a pretty fine achievement. However that was 18 years ago and the XC Barina is now one of the cheapest used cars you can buy. A little over $1000 will get you into one. While the Barina will never be a classic Mini in years to come I think as the numbers dwindle, as they are currently, a cult following might emerge for Holden's little slice of European class. Pick up a tasty manual 3 door SRI today and you might be onto a winner.
Holden Barina XC, also known as the Opel/Vauxhall Corsa B

Ford Laser KF/KH

Lastly I give you the Ford KF/KH Laser, a car which from my time in Australia I've gathered Aussies have a lot of affection for. However despite the admiration the early 90's Lasers numbers are in steep decline and values are not exactly climbing either, thus the little Ford looks pretty crappy these days, but did you know the KF/KH was the last compact ford to be built in Australia? Don't you think that the styling is kinda aging gracefully? And need I mention the sporty TX3 and Turbo 4x4 variants? The little Laser has all the makings of a collectible Ford much like the Mk1 Escort and seriously who thought in the 1980's when those cars were a throw away commodity that we would ever lust after one? Right now you don't even need $1000 to get into a functioning Laser.
Rare as unicorn poo, TX3 Turbo 
There we have it, 4 more cars that right now might all seem pretty lackluster, but in my humble opinion might one day ignite nostalgia in people. If I am correct, best to get one now before they all disappear or become horrendously expensive. 

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