Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Volvo V60 Polestar day 2, what have we learned

Hello folks, day two is now done and I've made it rather effortlessly home to Byron Bay. Here are the things I noticed on my 500km+ drive.
Volvo V60 Polestar makes it back to the Northern Rivers beaches with ease

Impressive economy 

1. For a 6 cylinder turbo with proper performance the cruising economy is rather good, with the cruise control set the car averaged well under 10L\100km.

Active cruise, a must have

2. On the subject of cruise control, the active cruise on the car, which thankfully comes as standard was an absolute must have today and to be honest a must have feature in a country as vast as Australia. Today the car basically drove itself home, the buttons on the steering wheel taking place of the accelerator pedal for setting the average speed and what distance to follow the car in front. If I'm honest I'll have to be careful next time I drive a car without active cruise as I got very used to the car braking for me!

It's a bit loud

3. My last point for today is a niggle, but only a small one. The bassy exhaust I mentioned yesterday, which I still mostly love by the way, does get annoying on a really long journey as does the rumble from the 275 section tyres. I found myself having to turn up the superb Harman and Kardon stereo to drown out both types of roar.

Thats all for today, tomorrow I'll be doing some slightly more normal things with the car, like that most excitng pass time, the weekly shop!

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