Monday, 20 April 2015

Volvo V60 Polestar day 7, what have we learned

Well its day 7 and tomorrow I'll be dropping of the lovely V60 back at Volvo, but what have I learned that I hadn't already over the past week? In truth not much as the pretty epic Polestar had already made quite an impression on me since day one, but let me try.

1. On a motorway cruise and provided you don't hit rush hour traffic in a very damp Sydney the economy of the performance geared Polestar is impressive. From Byron to Sydney's outer suburbs the car averaged 8.5l/100km and might just have done it on one tack of fuel if it wasn't for the aforementioned traffic.

2. The Polestars all wheel drive isn't just great for blasting you down a back road, it gives you a real sense of confidence when it's wet too. Today saw what was basically a mini monsoon hit Sydney and the mid north coast but the Volvo with active cruise set and seat heater on made easy work of the wet weather.

3. The last thing I learned today, no thanks to inconsiderate Sydney drivers was that the collision avoidance emergency brake technology works. When someone cut up the car in front and he slammed on the brakes, before I could even react the V60 had braked for me. It gets your heart pumping a bit but it definitely is a vital driver aid in today's increasingly congested cities.

So that's all for my diary entries, its been an awesome week with the Polestar. Please check back soon for the full review and detailed pictures.  

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