Monday, 20 February 2017

Car advice? Step this way

It has been months since I put fingers to keys and waxed lyrical about obscure vehicles I've found for sale, so maybe it's best I explain what I've been up to.

Drum roll please.... The blog has spawned a business. Yes from casually filling minds with good deals and random cars I find online, now I will actually source and advise people on said cars, should they wish. The service is called The Car Advisor Australia and I hope it will take the confusion, headache and time out of the search for a new car.

Essentially I offer to conduct a new car search for a customer, saving time, effort and ultimately money. New, used or classic vehicles are all under my remit and by using my extensive knowledge of model ranges, specifications and prices I aim to find customers their ideal car quickly. Perhaps even putting their bum into a seat of a car they had not considered or thought totally out of their price range.

Let me give you an example, small hatchbacks. Admittedly not Australia's biggest market segment, there is still a lot of choice for buyers. And most people would be forgiven for thinking that Toyota (Australia's best selling manufacturer year after year) offer the best value car in this segment, that being the Yaris. However, based on my postcode driveaway pricing on a base manual Yaris is $19,032. A base manual Volkswagen Polo on the other hand, imported all the way from Germany and arguably better made can be had for $16,990 driveaway (current offer ending 31st March). That's just over $2000 worth of savings. Now that comparison isn't to say the Yaris is a bad choice but I'm merely pointing out options that buyers might not have thought possible, I mean a VW cheaper than a Toyota? The Car Advisor Australia aims to tell you these things.

Also for the sheer giggles do you know that $16-19k can buy you an even more premium small hatchback than the Polo? How does a 2014 manual Audi A1 sound? Pretty nice I think you'll agree and all yours for $17,500, heck you can have your pick of A1's for that budget. Sure it will be used and that might not appeal to everyone but surely it's worth considering? Just another example of what the Car Advisor can, well, advise!
2014 Audi A1 for sale

Please check out The Car Advisor Australia website and if you do need help, get in touch, I am more than happy to help. Ok shameless plug over, normal blog service will resume, I've still got some 90's coupes to count down. 

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