Saturday, 20 February 2016

Mountune package makes fast Fords even faster

I love a good bit of modifying, for a car enthusiast nothing quite beats making your car go faster and look better than everyone else's. Trouble is modifying is largely seen as a young persons past time, once you get older boring stuff like warranties and resale values start to influence your car buying brain and suddenly modifying just seems like a waste of money. However imagine if a car company allowed you to buy a box full of go faster parts direct from them? Not only that, they would fit the parts and still happily cover your car with their warranty. Well Ford Australia are offering exactly that.
Mountune package for fast Fords will make them even faster

From the middle of this year, conveniently around the time Ford will stop manufacturing locally, the blue oval is to offer a Mountune upgrade package for both it's Fiesta ST and Focus ST hot hatches in a bid to boost sales of it's already profitable performance car range. These packages sold under the Ford Licensed Accessory Programme will see buyers able to seriously up the performance of their hatch with full factory backing. And don't think Mountune is just some buzz word marketing lingo dreamt up to sell Ford customers a remap, no, Mountune is a bona fide company that's been tuning Fords for 30 years, these upgrade packages are the real deal.

For an extra $2328 and 1 hours labour Fiesta ST buyers get; a new airbox, high performance air filter, a new air feed pipe, engine remap and a Mountune badge on the boot. In power terms this equates to 158kw, that's over 20kw more than standard. A decent return on the initial investment in my book and one that can only make the already epic Fiesta ST that bit more rewarding to drive. Ford Focus ST buyers on the other hand can opt for the $4135 MP275 package which takes 2 hours to fit, this includes a new intercooler, air filter and remap to boost power from 184kw to 202kw. Again an impressive power hike that not only makes the car faster but makes it even more engaging to drive at the limit. The final benefit of the packages is that being a factory option available from any Ford dealer they shouldn't affect the resale/trade in price should you ever have to part ways with your hot hatch. If anything a Mountune package might make your car even more desirable to it's next owner.
A load of go faster bits for the Fiesta ST

Focus ST gets an new intercooler and air filter amongst other parts

So if you buy a fast Ford and are concerned about the disapproving reaction your boring middle aged friends will give the moment you want to make it faster, fear no more. Ford Australia will happily help you modify it and won't kick you to the kerb should anything go wrong. Peace of mind and modifying, two things that rarely go hand in hand.  


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