Wednesday, 11 March 2015

A quick car of the week: BMW 1 Series

The eagle eyed among you might have noticed that this Monday there was no car of the week. That's because I was in Sydney, seeing the sights but mainly car spotting because I'm a bit sad like that, have a look at my Instagram for proof. Anyway it's mid week and off the back of my piece earlier on BMW's 2 millionth 1 series I was inspired to do a quick car of the week search for one of Munich's most successful and controversial cars.
BMW 1 Series M Sport

BMW 1 Series M Sport

It would appear that 1's still command high prices, probably due to their premium badge. However if you are willing to spend around $10,000 you can get a nice mid noughties car with low km's and good spec. Here is my pick, a 2007 120i with a manual gearbox and crucially the M Sport kit fitted. Not only was the original 1 Series facelifted in this year but the addition of the M kit means lovely seats and more aggressive bumpers/side skirts. I think this car looks the absolute business and with a manual, as the seller points out, you get to experience the full BMW driving experience. There appears to be some nicks and scratches noticeable in the pictures and the mirror covers missing but I think its a bit of a diamond in the ruff.

2007 BMW 120i $10,499

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