Monday, 23 March 2015

Zip lining New Jaguar XF almost here

What's the main criteria you look for when buying a new car? That its economical, safe, comfy, affordable perhaps? How about its ability to zip down a high wire line? Well Jaguars brand new XF posses this rather unique ability. Tomorrow will see the Jags 5 Series rival revealed to world live online by way of a zip line. Yes that's how the one and a bit tonne luxury motor will be revealed before its full public debut at the New York Auto Show on the 1st of April. Watch the teaser videos below for the build up.

Ever since the original appeared in 2007 I thought the XF was a beautifully proportioned, elegant saloon and if Jaguars latest F-Type and XE are anything to go by the new XF should be spectacular. I'll be tuning in tomorrow (8am AEDT on the 25th in Aus) to see what the next gen XF has in store, there's also a chance the whole stunt could go horribly wrong and that's surely worth tuning in for too!
Teaser shot of the new Jaguar XF
Teaser shot of the new Jaguar XF

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