Saturday, 2 May 2015

Cars and Coffee is coming to Byron

As you might be aware I live in Byron Bay, an area that is without doubt absolutely unique. However, since moving here, with exception of the kombi club, I can't help but notice a lack of car culture. It would appear that cars just don't seem to be high on the agenda of the residents.
2 BMW E30's, FC Mazda RX7, Volkswagen Golf Mk1 Cabrio spotted in Byron

Cars as unique as the residents 

This is a real shame, because when I've been out and about the cars I've seen are almost as unique as some of the residents themselves and deserve to be celebrated. Thankfully though I've heard of something that will go some way to right this wrong and celebrate the cars this area has to offer, Cars And Coffee is coming to Byron next Sunday the 10th of May.
The iconic Volkswagen Beetle spotted in Byron

Inaugural event 

Being held the second Sunday of every month cars and coffee is exactly what it says on the tin, bring your unique, classic or interesting car along and have some coffee. The reason, to show your car and hopefully meet some like minded people.
Neglected Morris 1800 in Byron

Where and When? 

So please come along Sunday 10th May to The Farm on Ewingsdale road from 8.30am, where hopefully the turnout will be diverse. And in a bid to get you there here's a bit of of shameless plugging of my Instagram account, where I post pics of all the cool cars I spot in the Bay.
Holden EK in Byron
All pictures are cars I've spotted in Byron, taken from my Instagram account.

Cars & Coffee Byron Bay official site 
Cars & Coffee Facebook page

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